How To Win Random Jackpot Mega888 2020

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Do you want to win the Mega888 Random Jackpot? Have you ever had a Random Jackpot? Do you want to win Random Jackpot again? This time we’ll give you tips on how to get a random jackpot many times over.

But for me, it’s not strange anymore, because I get a Random Jackpot twice a week. want to know the secret? Here I will give you Tips and Secrets on how to get a Mega888 random jackpot this time.

To get this random jackpot, you must first lose the bet. Like the Mega888’s own agent breaking the secret, the defeated can only win. Here, what I want to say, to win a jackpot you have to have big capital too. Try following the steps I gave below:

How To Get A Random Jackpot Mega888

  1. There must be capital and must be lost first, no matter how much or how little money is spent. Examples;
    (You deposit RM100 on agent 1, after losing your game. Here you don’t go to agent 2 and play Mega888 on agent 2, you just stay on agent 1 until you actually get a random jackpot.)
  2. To identify the random jackpot you want to download randomly, you can see the random value found in one of the games on Mega888. In general, a random jackpot can easily fall if the value of a random jackpot is RM1800 to RM4000. If the random jackpot is higher than RM4000, do not play the game. The random jackpot will return at RM1000 after the random jackpot has been released.
  3. Note that every game that has a random jackpot, if the value of the random jackpot changes in value or the value goes up very fast, the games will be 100% out of the random jackpot. However, we are unable to terminate a random release that will fall on you or others. Of course, random will fall.
  4. If you have and have won random jackpots and want to win again, you can switch to another agent. Don’t play in the same place where you win jackpots at random. This requirement does not play with the same handphones as the handsets that won the jackpot, try changing it to other handsets or trying to use a computer or laptop to play.

The tips above are for my experience winning random jackpots last month 2 times worth RM3300 and RM2200. For sure if you get a random jackpot, your handset will hang around for a while and the back button won’t work for about 10 seconds before the RANDOM JACKPOT Mega888 appears.

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